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Telephone Scams

Posted by mlatino
2011-12-20 19:58:58

this site is a scam site the guy take your money and never answer emails, no telephone to call and the only way to get intouch with him its by email and he never anser them, i can't believe nobody do nothing and the site still up and stay supporting that site, i bought a dvd collection and pay $98.98 USD and i need your help to get my money abck and to take that site offline so he can't keep screwing people and nobody do nothing to him. i got this information to reach him :

Aaron Bothne

Business Scam via Email

Posted by rexjoec
2011-04-25 08:58:53

Business scam from Mrs. Isabel Jose []

Pay Pal Scams

Posted by rjkeller
2011-04-20 14:58:46

See how Pay Pal will scam sellers and buyers!

1. According to PayPal accepting their ToS (Terms of Service) in effect means you waive your rights to credit card consumer protection laws if you want to use their service, and that you may not issue a chargeback for unauthorized use of your credit card and PayPal account, or if you do, then they have the right to limit your account. Is this legal? We don't know. But it's how Paypal operates. See my credit card waiver page for more information.

The Ehman's Story - Mayan Palace Timeshare

Posted by rjkeller
2011-04-18 13:58:54

Jody Roberts and Brian Ehman of the Mayan Palace at Puerto Vallarta told us at the sales presentation on January 19, 2003 that they have their timeshare weeks successfully rented by Laurie Stevens at the Global Resort Services.

We called Laurie Stevens while we were still in Mexico. She signed us up with her agency by telephone with our credit card for a one time fee of $289.00 on January 27, 2003. Before signing up, we called Laurie numerous times since we started to have our doubts about our purchase, but she kept assuring us that renting the timeshare weeks would be no problem, especially since we had the "golf package" included. She also told us that we could call her any time. Once you have bought from her, she will never return a phone call again! Let this be a warning to you!

How to Avoid Phishing Scams

Posted by rexjoec
2011-04-14 14:58:44

Phishing is a type of deception designed to steal your valuable personal data, such as credit card numbers, passwords, account data, or other information.

10 Email Scams to Watch for in Your Email

Posted by rexjoec
2011-04-14 14:58:35

Some email users have lost money to bogus offers that arrived as spam in their in-box. Con artists are very cunning; they know how to make their claims seem legitimate. Some spam messages ask for your business, others invite you to a website with a detailed pitch.
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