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Begslist scammer

Posted by ladi60us
2012-10-06 10:58:59

I went to begslist for help with my business. These people ask for fees for their "donation" avoid her like the plague, she says the "Lord" lead her.DO YOU REALLY NEED HELP? Email me on and Lets discuss on getting you back on your feet.. JUST 5 PEOPLE PLEASE.
Posted by beckshepp on 2012-10-05 10:56:20

I was directed by the Lord to help 10 people but i have helped 5 people on other site and a friend directed me to this site and I can see there are alot more people needing help on here as well, If you truly need help, Kind email me on and tell me how much in total you need to get back on your feet and I will be glad to help you out of here current situation, Just email me..


Written by ladi60us
Created on 2012-10-06 10:58:59


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I reported her too!

Comment by vivvi75


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