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David Hodge – Victim Gail J



David Hodge met Gail on PlentyofFish.com. They started dating and he convinced Gail to quit her profession as a graphic designer for over 20 years to come work with him on his carpet cleaning business. Gail agreed and left her graphic artist job to become a carpet cleaner with David.

They were in business for maybe a year or so and they were struggling. David depleted Gail’s bank account, told her to sell her car, and max out her credit cards to keep his business going. He even asked her to ask her brother for a $3000 loan to support his business promising that he would pay back the money 3x the amount loaned. Her brother agreed and loaned David Hodge $3000, but he wouldn’t accept it unless it was a wire transfer under Gail’s name.

Business continued to go under for David despite all the money he took and he eventually told Gail to leave and go back home to Chicago to be with her family. She called her brother to ask him to help her get home and her brother heard David in the background commanding Gail what to say and also told her to cry louder so that her brother would help her.

She was penny less, broke, and had to go to codependency counseling for what David did to her. She is slowly rebuilding her life and saving up for bankruptcy and will never be the same after what David Hodge did to her.

He must be stopped because Gail is not the only woman that David Hodge has done this to.

Bill Collectors keep calling Gail’s brother asking for David Hodge. For bill and debt collectors…David Hodge’s Last known Address & Phone Number is :

David Hodge
1578 Madonna Rd Apt. 81
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

David Hodge Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/david.hodge.3726 

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    David Hodge must be stopped!

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